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Part-time Public Affairs Co-ordinator Required

(ideal for combining work & family life)


The European Forum for Manufacturing (EFM) is looking for a Part-time Public Affairs Co-ordinator who will be responsible for co-ordinating our European Public Affairs activities.


The EFM is a Brussels based foundation providing a platform for the exchange of information on EU policies. It organises monthly Policy Fora bringing together MEPs from all parties, the European Commission and company representatives from across Europe to examine new EU developments.


Part-time Teleworking would be possible.


The successful candidate should have a sound knowledge of European public affairs; fluency in English with a good ability in French; and strong communication skills.


Please send CVs to: afell@euromanuforum.com



'Energy Performance of Buildings Directive', EFM Policy Dinner Debate, Brussels, Wednesday 6 September 2017:




'Digitising European Industry - New Models for Manufacturing', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 21 June 2017:




'Mission Manufacturing: Keeping Innovation and Competitiveness in Europe', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 03 May 2017:




'Clean Energy For All Europeans Package', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Tuesday 28 February 2017:




'Finance For Growth', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Tuesday 31 January 2017:




'Modern Manufacturing and the Workforce: Do We Need a European Pillar of Social Rights?', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Tuesday 29 November 2016:




'Advanced Manufacturing Acress Europe's Regions', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 12 October 2016:




'Digitizing European Industry – The Core of a Sustainable Industrial Policy for Europe', EFM Roundtable, Brussels, Wednesday 7 September 2016:




'Closing the Loop – Action Plan for the Circular Economy Roundtable', EFM Roundtable, London, Monday 18 July 2016:




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